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June 4, 2024

China’s economic picture is ‘better than you think’: Ben Harburg

What MENA's Tech Industry Can Learn From China - Ben Harburg

PDD, CGRO: U.S. vs China Stocks

China is girding itself for potential follow-on tariffs from U.S. allies, portfolio manager says

China funds could see a bounce back

Bloomberg Businessweek: Bloomberg Businessweek: Bloomberg Tech Summit

Why is a Chinese fund scouting for the next unicorn in MENA?

Can the 'China peak theory' really stand up?

What To Expect In The Year Of The Dragon

Ben Harburg on China Development Forum

Ben Harburg on China AI

CDF 2024 attendees confident in China's economic development

Even a small sale by Softbank could lead to a huge decline in Arm shares, says Ben Harburg

China consumer confidence remains ‘devastated’: Portfolio Manager

Unveiling the Investment Dynamics within China's Private Sectors With Ben Harburg

Ben Harburg, CoreValues Alpha, on what’s bugging the Chinese market

Reflections on 45th Anniversary of US-China Relations

China will still hit the 5% growth target, but it won’t be easy: MSA Capital’s Ben Harburg

OpenAI's sky-high valuation is not sustainable long-term, says Ben Harburg

Commentary on Saudi China Investment Conference


Ben Harburg on Evergrand and China Real Estate

Ben Harburg’s recollection of Henry Kissinger

Ben Harburg on Xi Visit to Shanghai

China’s property sector is ‘less damaged’ than investors think: MSA Capital

Eye on China-U.S. ties: American executive weighs in

Ben Harburg on Tabby investment

What's the Fund? | CoreValues Alpha Greater China Growth ETF (NYSE Arca: CGRO)

CoreValues Alpha Greater China Growth ETF (NYSE Arca: CGRO)

China is the contrarian trade of the last few years

Is now the perfect time for a contrarian play on Chinese stocks?

Core Values Alpha Launches The China Growth ETF

Will Temu kill Amazon? How the Chinese shopping app's rapid growth could crack Amazon's dominance

American retailers should be very afraid of Temu, says MSA Capital's Ben Harburg

Harburg on China’s economic recovery

Ben Harburg on ARM IPO

Ben Harburg on Chinese stocks

MSA Capital’s Harburg on Tencent Earnings

MSA Capital’s Ben Harburg explains why he is investing in China

Harburg: We still have a long way to go in terms of rebuilding the trust of global investors

AI arms race and chip-related curbs between US and China

My Life in 5 Trades

Harburg: Cautious on China Tech

Ben Harburg on Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Unit

Ant Group IPO is likely this year, says Ben Harburg of MSA Capital

Alibaba to split its $220 billion empire

It’s ‘definitive’ that we’ll see significant improvement in Chinese consumption

SVB’s collapse undermined the potency of the US dollar

MSA Capital’s Ben Harburg on impact of SVB fallout

MSA Capital’s Ben Harburg previews China’s NPC Conference

MSA Capita's Harburg on China's Tech Sector

Chinese government has no choice but to stimulate...

MSA Capital's Ben Harburg on China reopening

Many Chinese tech names could see 50% to 70% upside.

BenHarburg dives into the outlook for the EV market in Shanghai

We will definitely see a ‘consumption rebound’ in China...

Harburg: China has the most upward trajectory, given there’s so much room...

MSA's Harburg on China Tech Sector Outlook

There are very few Western companies coming to China, but they’ve been...

What it takes to get China-U.S. ties back on track

In the short term, we’ve hit a bottom for Chinese tech stocks

Stability is first and foremost at China’s core, says MSA Capital’s Harburg

Their revenues will be indefinitely restricted. There is no light at the end..

Nvidia, AMD stocks fall on U.S. orders to cease all sales of key AI chips to China

Venture capital firm explains why it's 'very bullish' on Tencent

Benjamin Harberg, one of the owners of the Spanish club Cadiz, hosted..

Falling global investment in Chinese tech caused Chinese regulators...

MSA Capital's Harburg on Didi Probe

MSA Capital Ben Harburg on Didi Delisting

MSA Capital Ben Harburg on China's Tech Sector

BenHarburg gives his reasons for why the wills of the Chinese...

"What gives me more optimism is that a lot of this is under the control..

Consumption declining as a result of China's zero-covid policy...

These traders remain hesitant to invest in Chinese stocks—here’s why

MSA Capital's Ben Harburg on Didi's de-listing decision

MSA Capital's Harburg on Didi, Chinese Tech

Los planes de Ben Harburg en el Cádiz

Understanding Evergrande collapse contagion risk to global markets

What China's crackdown means for investing in tech

It’s easier to see the trajectory of where things are headed in China: Harburg

MSA Capital’s Ben Harburg on China tech stock plunge: Consumption is down

MSA Capital On Investor Nervousness Over China Tech Crackdown

MSA Capital's Harburg on Didi Probe

MSA Capital's Harburg on Didi Probe

Harburg: Chinese regulators are going to be overly cautious, to avoid another..

MSA Capital Managing Partner Ben Harburg on Didi, Kanzhun IPOs

Why the head of a top China-based venture capital firm says TikTok...

Beijing becomes 'ghost town' as coronavirus spreads: American resident...

Chinese business models will win in emerging tech markets

Investing in China ahead of the Biden-Xi Summit

Harburg: U.S. investment into China increasing

US-China trade war affecting American innovation: MSA Capital...

MSA Capital's Ben Harburg: I'm worried what's been done in China trade war..

MSA Capital’s Ben Harburg: China will suffer short-term pain from trade war

Ben Harburg: Wounds from trade war 'irreparable'

U.S. Actions Against Huawei Will Accelerate Local Development Long..

May 31, 2019

Harburg on Uber

May 24, 2019

Harburg on Entities List

China will develop their own products if they can't buy from the US, says expert

How Alibaba and Apple could see an impact from the US-China trade war

Why It's Unfair to Tie Apple's Woes to the Trade War

China’s rise in artificials intelligence

Here’s how Chinese tech companies began to go global

November 30, 2018


Chinese Tech Caught in the Crosshairs of Trade War

Chinese entrepreneurs are thinking 'global' from day one: MSA Capital..

Why MSA's Harburg Is Bullish on Falling Tencent

MSA's Harburg Sees 'Shadow' Over China-U.S. Trade Deal

Meituan Can Be 'Massive Business' in Long Term, MSA's Harburg Says

Why Tencent Posted Its First Profit Drop in a Decade

The US-China trade war: A 'Sputnik moment?'

Ben Harburg on Xiaomi IPO

Trade war with China could hurt tech and investing

The U.S.'s New, Less Confrontational Track to Protecting IP

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